Our Story

HYPER toed the starting line as a passion project in 2017 inside a one bedroom apartment on South 1st Street in Austin.  The two objectives we set out to accomplish were providing premium technical apparel at a discounted price through our non-retail supply chain and building something that would allow us to give back to our community.  We infuse premium fabrics with technical designs and have comfort and performance at the forefront of every design we make in-house from The Clubhouse on West 6th Street in Austin. 

To us Hyper Sportswear is more than a brand, it's a lifestyle. We aim to inspire others everyday to live the Hyper Lifestyle by getting involved in the community, going the extra mile and becoming the best version of you. We also believe that a major part of health and well being starts with giving back and helping others. That's why we have created the Do Good Feel Good campaign to give back. This gives customers the power to give back!